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Carlo L'Chelle

Carlo L'Chelle recently released her debut album, The Book of my Revelation.(Photo Credit: Tamra Goodson)

From a young age Carlo L’Chelle was on the path to the creative and performing arts.  By the age of 3, she was singing in her church’s choir and by 10, she was writing poetry and songs. Throughout her life, poetry was her outlet and therapy from being bullied and through any challenges she faced.  Like most singers, the church was her foundation and her music director father was an early influence on her musical style.   Through her involvement in the Mt. Clare Community Choir, a local choir in Darlington, South Carolina, she honed her singing skills and was exposed various singing competitions and events with established musical artists, like Commissioned and Shirley Caesar.

Her journey to becoming a recording artist came to an improbable halt when she went to college.  Armed with a scholarship, she originally went to college to study biology and in 1998 became an Alpha Kappa Alpha woman. She later realized that her core classes did not hold her interest as much as writing,  singing, and performing.  “In my third year of college, I prayed to God and said, ‘What do you want me to do?’  He took me back over my whole life, and my passion was and is writing, performing, and singing. I had to follow my heart.  I started teaching English and creative writing but still felt like something was missing.”Carloe L'Chelle - The Book of My Revelation

Not one to live life with regret, she hooked up with husband and wife duo, Rod and June Long  (June was a college friend), and started the recording process, which took five years on and off.  From these recording sessions, they birthed the music, which eventually became her debut CD, “The Book of my Revelation.”  Though she still teaches full-time, with the support of her biggest supporter, her husband, Chris, she writes and records on the side and cites her students as some of her biggest fans.

“It’s the air I breathe, the rhythm of my stride, and the soundtrack to my life.” Carlo L’chelle

The CD is comprised of nine soulful songs, seven which were arranged by Carlo L’Chelle.  To celebrate the release of her debut album, there will be an album release party on December 4, 2010 at 9pm at Allure in Charlotte, North Carolina.

1508 S. Mint Street
Charlotte, NC 28203

(704) 241-2732

Dress to Impress (no sneakers please)

Admission is free with a VIP pass.  To print  your pass go to Carlo L’Chelle’s official website and click on the NEWS tab.  There will be signed CD’s available for sale at the event.  The album can also be previewed and purchased at

For more information go to: